Friday, September 30, 2011

The first response from RCCL

New to this blog?  Check out the original complaint here:

The response!  Sounds like a template to me, with none of the original concerns even mentioned, let alone addressed.  I'll also note that 1-888 numbers generally don't work well overseas, so they're obviously not paying close attention.

The story continues!

date: Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 01:45
subject: Adventure Of The Seas / 11-Sep-2010 / BK# 6923526 / SR# 1-2099755791

Thank you for contacting the Executive Offices of Royal Caribbean International. Mr. Richard Fain appreciated hearing from you. He has asked that I review your correspondence and respond on his behalf. We especially welcome this opportunity to address your concerns.

While I am pleased you sailed with us on the Adventure of the Seas, I regret to learn of your dissatisfaction with some aspects of your cruise. I can understand this was a special cruise you wanted to share with your family. It was certainly not our intention to cause you any disappointment during your cruise vacation, as we truly appreciate you making your reservation with Royal Caribbean International.

I am sorry you were not aware of what facilities are available for infants and toddlers onboard prior to sailing. Also, we understand knowing ahead of time what services to expect for Alexandra and Paul would have taken away a lot of stress caused during your cruise vacation. I regret this information was not better explained during your reservation process.

In addition, all ten of your points and suggestions have been noted. I appreciate the time you have taken to bring these important matters to our attention. Moreover, each of the concerns mentioned in your letter was individually submitted into a database which is regularly published to our management teams for close review. Your feedback is taken seriously and we do our very best to make improvements in the areas our guests feel they are most needed. If you will like to discuss your concerns in detail, please feel free to contact me directly at 1-888-xxx-xxxx, Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m.-6 p.m. EST.

We do apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. We hope to have another opportunity to welcome you and your family onboard one of our ships again in the future.


Senior Executive Representative
Royal Caribbean International


  1. It is sad that you had such a bad experience. Do you go to CruiseCritic often? There are many posts on the fact that cruises are probably not the best vacation for babies. First of all, especially in the European arena, cruisers are older and less likely to be taking small kids. Secondly, with infection control being a huge thing on cruises since everyone is piled together, its probably not wise to take babies who, by nature, have less developed immune systems.

    I think your complaints were addressed, just not with the outcome you had hoped for. The cruise line basically affirmed their policies and in the most politically correct way let you know that right now, they aren't choosing to change anything. I think you certainly had some valid concerns and a few that were a bit unreasonable. I would expect that if you booked your baby on board, and paid a baby fare, that some type of acceptable food would be included as well as a safe place to sleep independently. However, I don't think that the cruise line necessarily needs to put in baby changing stations or allow babies in diapers to play in the water and pool areas. Consider your child's safety and the fact that rarely is competent medical care available on board the ship and swimming in a salt water pool or splash park with other kids in diapers would put your baby's health at risk without being able to easily reach a pediatrician if necessary. I would never personally dream of taking my toddlers on a cruise ship but I understand that some people enjoy that type of travel with small children. Personally, we travel to kid-friendly land based destinations with our children and leave the cruises for us as a couple. Two of our kids are now teenagers and will soon be going on a cruise for the first time. To each his own, I suppose.

  2. Jenn, thanks for your comments! Unfortunately I didn't go to CruiseCritic to see the previous posts on babies on cruises. I'm not sure the information would have made a difference because our cruise was part of a larger family reunion. We simply would have been better prepared.

    Let me add that some boats do "allow babies in diapers to play in the water and pool areas". There is a special toddler pool on The Liberty of the Seas. In any event, I was also thinking that perhaps they could offer to set up an inflatable toddler pool once a day, or something like that.

    Good luck to your teenagers on their cruise!

  3. All children have a time and place! Babies and toddlers onboard a SHIP OUTSIDE of the COUNTRY is not one of them. I hope your blog raises awareness with other cruisers with very young children. I can not imagine what the grandmothers of these babies said to you when you got home!

  4. Both of our children were born outside the USA, and have never lived there (although they've visited). They are both "brats" in the sub-culture sense, as am I. It's therefore not a problem to take them outside of the country in general.

    Here's a link explaining the term:

    As far as taking our children onboard a ship, this was the 3-year old's second cruise. The first one, on the Liberty of the Seas when she was an infant, went very well. The precedent was positive.

    Finally, their grandparents were on the cruise with us. It was a family reunion. The grandparents also were disappointed with Royal Caribbean's treatment, but they certainly approved of our choices to raise our children abroad, and take them on the boat.

    Thanks for the good wishes on raising awareness. I hope so too!